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Rav Miriam - your Rabbi for every lifecycle event

My boutique, custom-made lifecycle events in Israel (or other destinations) will leave lasting memories of pride, joy and connection for all who share in the celebration.

I especially enjoy working with girls on their bat mitzvah ceremony in Israel or other destination.

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Personalized bat and bar mitzvah - at any age!

The ceremony is the core of a bar or bat mitzvah trip to Israel. My boutique, custom-made bat or bar mitzvah experiences will leave lasting memories of pride, joy and connection with Israel, for your child and all the family and friends who share in the celebration.

Throughout the year, we will develop a personal relationship and choose a venue that matches your background and style. After you arrive in Israel, we will again review the service and logistics, involving family and friends. The bar or bat mitzvah will receive a certificate printed in Israel. My pastoral experience will help navigate family dynamics that often surface during important occasions. I can advise on ideas for touring, photographer etc. so you can relax and enjoy.

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Boutique weddings

Yes, it's possible to "dance at two weddings" blending the moving aspects of a traditional Jewish wedding with modern adjustments: personal vows,  female friends as speakers, and a more active role for the bride. Unlike a rabbinate wedding, you can meet with me beforehand and create a service  matching your values and vision. (Unfortunately a couple married by a Conservative rabbi do not count as married under Israeli law, but you can have a civil service elsewhere to fix this). There are many stunning locations in Jerusalem, by the beach, at synagogues or museums, or at beautiful hotels.

I can also join you for a "destination wedding" and arrange for a local marriage license. 

I wrote a popular book on Mikveh and can explain this beautiful part of the pre-wedding preparations as well as facilitate important conversations that can clarify expectations and strengthen you as a couple.

Home: Services
Home: Services

Guidance and support through life transitions

I offer a variety of life coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. You choose the areas to explore: work, family, friends, community, spiritual life, personal growth, health and well-being, contribution to the world. Contact me to start your journey today.

Empowerment for people in life transitions

Year abroad, marriage, miscarriage, divorce, career change, retirement, moving... all take an emotional toll. Explore themes of loss, guilt, regret, pain etc. alongside feelings of relief, freedom, excitement and the chance to reinvent yourself…

Wandering Traveler

Support for people and families during illness, end of life or bereavement

Alongside medical decisions and treatment, personal issues that deserve attention: how does the family agree on a plan of care when they have different values? what are your ideas/fears about death? how can you make peace with family and friends and pass on your life's legacy? A "good death" helps family cope and heal, whereas a frustrating and incomplete process can leave people angry, scarred and resentful. A conversation with Rav Miriam can help you face the future with dignity, create a goodbye ritual, or voice things that have been left unsaid.


Custom-made Torah classes for individuals or groups; scholar in residence for synagogues, camps, tour groups.

"It (Torah) is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it"

Judaism is a culture and an ethnicity. It is also a treasure trove of legends, laws, values and traditions designed to create more ethical people and communities.

Make the tradition your own and feel like an insider. Feel comfortable at a service or deepen your connection.

Choose your own path to learn the basics of Jewish history, classic texts, ethical ideas and rituals...

What would you like to learn?

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       About Rabbi Miriam

 I am a Conservative Rabbi, educator and writer with a BA from Harvard, an MA and Rabbinic Ordination from the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, and a Doctorate of Theology in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from the University of Theology and Spirituality. I am one of the few Israelis with chaplaincy certification from both the National (Neshama) Association for Jewish Chaplains and the Israeli Organization for Spiritual Care. I co-founded Kashouvot in 2010 to pioneer spiritual care in Israel and now serve as a consultant and as international coordinator of the NY-based Spiritual Care Association, mentoring chaplains worldwide.

I began doing weddings and bat and bar mitzvah teaching and ceremonies as Assistant Rabbi at Park Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan. I have performed weddings in Israel, the US and Canada. It is a privilege to be part of memorable events in people's lives. I help people navigate life transitions with individual and group sessions, in person and remotely. I  see simchas and end of life support as part of a continuum and would be happy to assist you at any stage. Press here to begin the conversation.

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What Clients Are Saying about Coaching/Empowerment

“Amidst the tumult of personal and professional demands, working with Miriam provides a supportive space to discern my challenges clearly and to determine intentional and constructive responses. Miriam's insight and intuition, creativity and compassion help me to live and work more effectively and with greater ease, satisfaction and meaning.” 

Rabbi M., USA

"Over the past few months, Miriam has helped me cut out the clutter in my life- literally and physically. I have refocused on things that are most important to me and tried to cut out things that take time and energy from them. Miriam's gentle suggestions encourage me to be my best self. I am proud of the steps I have made and optimistic about continuing to focus and excel."

M. J., Jerusalem

"Just knowing that I will talk to you on Tuesday makes me more proactive about following up on the steps we have set. you are supportive and non-judgmental, you help me set realistic yet optimistic goals. After just two sessions I landed a dream job, and I know this is just the beginning of growth in my personal and professional life."

F. W., Brussels, Belgium

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What Families Are Saying about Bar and Bat Mitzvah

“It was perfect, everything we had hoped for and more.”

A. S., San Francisco

“Thank you thank you thank you! I could not have imagined a nicer service. The southern wall was intimate and personal. I so appreciated the time that you spent explaining the service as well as leading us in prayer and meditation. The sounds of drums and songs in the background were perfect. The western wall was loud and chaotic. We loved it! Thank you for being so open, flexible and creative with the service. It was so special for Morgan and the rest of the family. You are a beautiful person and I feel very blessed to have crossed paths.”

Allison Carmen, Manhattan

“Rabbi Miriam, I have wanted to become Bat Mitzvah for many decades and I finally had the chance to do it at Robinson’s Arch with you officiating and a group of ten dear friends. Thank you for making my dream a reality! It was exactly what I had hoped for. My heart is full, and I am leaving Israel on a high, hopefully to return again soon.”

Myrna Smith, Toronto

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Look forward to hearing from you!


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Bridge Over River

אני אחת מחלוצי הליווי הרוחני בישראל והמייסדת של עמותת קשובות. עבדתי עם אנשים מתרבויות שונות בבית החולים הצרפתי,  חיברתי ספר על המקווה בעולם המודרני, ופרסמתי מאמרים בתחום היהדות וניהלתי טקסי חיים לאנשים מכל הקשת הדתי - כעת זמינה למפגשים פרטניים לחולים, משפחות, אנשים בצומת מקצועי או אישי... גם עורכת טקסי בת ובר מצוה וחתונות ברוח מסורתי. ניתן ליצור קשר עם

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