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Weddings in Israel or abroad

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Yes, it's possible to "dance at two weddings" blending the moving aspects of a traditional Jewish wedding with modern adjustments. If you choose, the bride can speak and give the groom a ring, add personal vows, include female friends as speakers, meet with me before the wedding, and create a service that matches their values and vision of the day (Unfortunately a couple married by a Conservative rabbi do not count as married under Israeli law, but they can have a civil service elsewhere to fix this). I can also join you for a "destination wedding" and arrange for a local marriage license. Save the date.


Classes about Mikveh and Taharat HaMishpacha or couples counseling before the wedding

By the author of Taking the Plunge: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to the Mikveh

Learn how to communicate better about the "hot topics" (sex, money, children, in-laws)... build a solid base for the marriage as well as for the magical wedding day.